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  • Submitted: 2008-03-03
  • Summary: Stylish theme similar to the Vodafone default skin for Symbian s60 devices.

    Download Vodafone restyled by Taieb

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    Fevzi Kitchen

    Blame it to the human tendency of falling back to maximum convenience with in the reach of hand or the lack of luxuriously big spaces, multifunctional and compact gadgets are gaining popularity with day. And the all new stowaway kitchen concept from Fevzi Karaman is next in the line to become a hot property.
    A single look on the kitchen and you can’t even call it a kitchen. On a distant look it looks no better than a green colored absurd dining table kind of furniture, but as you get into unfolding technicalities of Fevzi kitchen, whet meets the eye is simply astonishing.

    Fevzi kitchen

    The plain dining table holds everything that a modular kitchen is supposed to fit in the modern times. Right from cooking surface to microwave to pull out drawers and also a sink together with other kitchen essentials…Fevzy homes everything!
    So whenever you are hungry…just unfold your kitchen and get with your culinary skills and once done just keep the things on place and fold it again to fit your kitchen in the smallest corner in your home, without taking much of space!

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    Jawbone bluetooth

    Once again it’s that time when Aliph is all set to add another feather to its classy cap, with yet another chic gadget. This time it is the latest version of Aliph’s popular self-titled Bluetooth headset.

    As per an announcement they are all set to hit the markets. The novelty in the latest avatar lies in the replacement of the mesh-metal exterior with the all new limited-edition Jawbones.
    Designed by Yves Behar the new bling thing comes in three shades including Black, White, and Copper. To add into some fun-filled excitement and drama, they have named each of the design as Dirty Talk, Trash Talk, and Sweet Talk respectively.

    So…if the cute things are taking your heart away already, you must hurry up since they are indeed limited edition just like the McLaren F1 limited type, with just 64 of them hitting the shelves. So in case you get your hands on one, you are lucky!

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    Olly just gave me some news that REALLY brightened up my Saturday. S60 3rd Edition users have been clamoring for a portal into the vast musical experience that is, well, since the release of S60 3rd Edition. Windows Mobile devices have a client, iPhone users have the amazing MobileScrobbler application and now S60 users get get their first taste of functionality thanks to aspyplayer. Douglas Fernando da Silva, developer and author of the Random Thoughts About Nothing (Usually) So Simple blog, has released an early beta version of his open python app that allows users to scrobble tracks to as they play on an S60 device. Woo hoo! As mentioned earlier, the app is still in very early stages. Currently, it only supports scrobbling so we can only hope that da Silva works towards integrating radio functionality at a later point in time. Fingers crossed! da Silva is currently working on the UI so rest assured that the screen shots above don’t represent the finished product. To make use of aspyplayer, you’ll need to first install Python for S60. Then just sign and install the aspyplayer installer package and you’re good to go.

    Check it out!

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    This amusing video (hat tip allfacebook) called the Facebook Anthem suggests that at least some Facebook users are growing tired of certain aspects of Facebook. The viral video – which sounds very similar to this viral video – blames the more gimmicky side of Facebook for the boredom – the applications, pop quizzes, fortune cookies, status updates, sticky notes, virtual gifts, superpoke, iq tests, etc. In the end Facebook is primarily a communication tool and all the add-on features may be annoying to some Facebook users. Some people are probably also tired of viral videos like Facebook Anthem. Both Facebook and viral videos are likely to continue to remain popular at least for the near future – maybe even until 2013.

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    sony ericsson k660iSony Ericsson have announced that 44% of 16-24 year olds have accessed the internet using their mobile phone within the past 6 months, with around 12 minutes being spent on the internet each day.

    This research was done by an independent company nVision, who noticed that around 26% of young people now own a 3G phone; this figure has risen by over 12 per cent in the past two years. The mobile internet is now evolving so rapidly that you can now use any social networking site such as YouTube or Facebook wherever you want.

    With this research in mind, Sony Ericsson launched the K660i, a ‘Web for Youth’ phone that comes in two colours lime on white and wine on black. The phone lets you view internet pages horizontally, giving a much improved internet experience.

    The phone combines all you might need to stay in constant contact with your friends, wherever and whenever you want. Combining HSDPA with illuminated shortcut keys, and zoom functions using the internet on the K660i is as easy as using your computer at home. The phones main navigation key serves as a magnetic mouse pointer when it’s in web mode, and it even indicates which parts of the page you are viewing are clickable.

    Full Specifications
    • UMTS/HSDPA 2100
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
    • Bluetooth
    • Size: 104 x 47 x 15 mm
    • Weight: 95 grams
    • Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
    • Media player
    • Mega Bass™
    • Music tones
    • PlayNow™
    • TrackID™
    • Java
    • FM radio
    • Video streaming
    • Video viewing
    • 256 MB Memory Stick Micro™ M2™
    • 2 Mega Pixel Camera with 4x digital zoom
    • 2.0” QVGA display with landscape Web browsing Google search
    • Google map mobile
    • Instant Messaging client enabled

    The Sony Ericsson K660i will be available from March 2008.

    Free Themes #11


    It’s theme time people, and I’ve got some gems for you today. Taieb makes a strong showing today as usual, and there’s a great theme from Jendell that has been requested in many emails and comments. I have have a great theme from a newcomer to SiMo’s themes posts that I think you’ll really like. All themes are SVG and I’ve changed the linking system so downloads will now work directly to your S60 device if you happen to be reading this post on your handset. Enjoy!

    White by Taieb

    Silver by Taieb

    Lighting Effect by Taieb (I love this one)

    Orange Crush by Jendell

    Gradient by Bongoman

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